My photographic work is about intuitively exploring my strong emotional connection to the vibration of color expressed in America’s chaotic socio-cultural landscape, creating a record that I call AMERICOLOR. It’s a depiction of the chaos of industrial and urban American life that relies on the ‘stuff’ all around us that is swallowing up our field of vision. Moving through the onslaught of the complex and colorful visual confusion of the American social landscape can be over-stimulating. My intent is to make photographs that organize this chaos into a picture that works to show it with clarity and humor.

"Photographer, Dennis Church, looks at the world differently and his photographs reveal a layered seeing that reflect the kaleidoscopic assault on our senses in contemporary times. Disorienting at first, he is a visual deconstructionist, using color and altered perspectives that flatten space in order to examine the visual chaos that surrounds our every day lives." -Aline Smithson, Lenscratch, 2017