I thrive in the highly chaotic, unpredictable and stimulating milieu of the streets, roads and public places wherever I happen to be. I relish the joyous and mysterious serendipity of observed improvisational photography with the intent to describe and interpret these complex situations. I use color to employ both harmonious and discordant elements often flattening layers of visual strata to solve the plethora of difficult photographic problems these complex environments present. These tendencies are informed and influenced by the highly complex paintings of Pieter Bruegel the Elder, the densely packed frames of Garry Winogrand, the unblinking descriptive aesthetic of Walker Evans, the formal experimentation of Lee Friedlander, and the consistently pioneering color explorations of William Eggleston.

"Photographer, Dennis Church, looks at the world differently and his photographs reveal a layered seeing that reflect the kaleidoscopic assault on our senses in contemporary times. Disorienting at first, he is a visual deconstructionist, using color and altered perspectives that flatten space in order to examine the visual chaos that surrounds our every day lives." -Aline Smithson, Lenscratch, 2017