Dennis Church was awakened to the world’s facts and mysteries within weeks of starting to photograph. A simple but powerful message changed him: “Photograph what is in front of you!" This seemingly obvious idea electrified his picture making and life-long commitment to create a diary and investigation of his visible world.

    Church spent much of his youth moving through vast open spaces driving tractors and heavy machinery on his parent’s Iowa farm. Photographing as exploration in open streets and roads is a natural extension of that indelible experience.

    His photographs have been featured in national and international publications. Some of his pictures were selected by Joel Meyerowitz and Colin Westerbeck to show one of the new points of view in contemporary street photography in their new edition of the internationally released book, called the "bible" of street photography, “Bystander: A History of Street Photography”, Laurence King Publishing, London.

    Church lives in New York City and south-west Florida and travels frequently to experience his view of the world. 

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