Much of my youth from a very early age was spent moving through vast open spaces, driving trucks, tractors and heavy machinery on my parents’ Iowa farm. In addition my academic background included the sociological and psychological sciences, having studied both at undergraduate and graduate levels. But it wasn’t until 1975 after acquiring my first camera on a whim, that these indelible experiences could inform my practice as a street photographer. While walking a suburban street looking for pictures, a simple and powerful intuitive thought emerged: “Photograph what is in front of you!" This ridiculously obvious idea sparked my intent to create an ongoing visual diary exploring the "now moments" within my reach.

As recipient of two public art grant awards in Wisconsin 1981 and 1982, I completed two series of black & white photographs titled: “A Photographic Survey of the Physical and Social Environment of Downtown Madison" and "Our Land-Our Lives". This work, along with twenty years as a commercial free-lance photographer, further honed my observational and technical skills. These disparate experiences continue to inform my practice. Florida-based since 2008, I exclusively focus my artistic practice as a street photographer using digital equipment to photograph where I live and travel. I currently am interested in exploring complex, compressed colored shapes in my field of vision and how they are abstracted; how color confuses and vibrates and how this is expressed throughout America’s chaotic, socio-cultural landscape. It is the stuff of expressive urban and suburban life evident in late 20th early 21stcentury America. My intent is to make photographs that organizes this chaos into pictures and essays that works to show it with clarity, irony and humor. Streets, open roads and public places offers numerous possibilities to observe and improvise infinite unique moments. This ongoing series is titled, AMERICOLOR.

Each limited edition photograph is printed on a commercial grade inkjet printer using archival pigment inks on archival enhanced matte paper in various sizes, each with an edition of five; hand signed on the back, with the edition number. A signed certificate of authenticity is included.

· Licensing for reproduction in publications is available for purchase on a per usage basis.

· All images are copyrighted by Dennis Church with all rights reserved.

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· Available for commissions and assignments.